Landlords; I Buy Houses San Antonio

Landlords; I Buy Houses San Antonio

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In real estate, being a landlord can both rewarding and complicated, but we are here to help you! Have you recently inherited a house or are you considering renting your current house and upgrading? Even if you need to sell a house, I buy houses San Antonio!  I can close quickly and in your time frame.  For more info in getting an offer see our main website or for a shortcut click here:


First Things First

For starters, you must think about you as a person. I know, odd right? Not only do you have to have a property to rent out, but you must have the people skills to do so successfully. Great landlords find good tenants and both parties are happy ~ win/win. Yet, being a landlord means you must have good personal boundaries. Remember, calls may come in late or often, and when they do you must be available and professional which means you must set up business hours and have systems in place for after-hours calls.

Another way you must have your boundaries is to remember that not all tenants are going to be honest with your property. They may break or abuse your house you are left cleaning up the mess! But no fear, for I have tips for you if you just continue reading.

Next – Get Organized!

You must be familiar with organization. I know the dreaded file cabinets and hand written documents come to mind, but you can easily do more in this day in age. You can file everything on the computer and keep your tenants and properties in check. Remember to file them simply and neatly to have easy access and retrieval. Research and track lists for contractors.

Whats Next?

Secondly, know that the better the product, the better the tenant. That’s not to say that you must redo the whole house and add in the best and costly appliances. It means that a better home draws in better and more respectful tenants. This also says that repairs should be fixed as soon as possible to maintain the quality of the property as well as maintaining the happiness of the tenants. Even if you have tenants now and you want the house and the tenants off of your hand, I buy houses San Antonio!

Second Next

Next is probably one of the hardest things in the business. Saying no to friends and family is a necessity. I know you just cringed at the mention of the loved ones but it is crucial. When a family member or friend asks if there is any way there is an available place to rent, it is probably smart to say no. Your guard goes down, you slack on the policy standards, and it causes extra stress to have to charge money from your friend or loved one. This is one of the most common and heartbreaking mistakes. Make sure to put it in the policy you have made from the beginning, and to stick to it. This also avoids the bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio. No one wants to turn down a friend or family member, but it is often the best course

Finally, you may want to invest in a “uncomplicator” to help with the new organization and stress. This area is new and there are a lot of mistakes to come. By doing this you will avoid the San Antonio real estate attorney. These people can help you with the transactions, insurance, and the balance between proceeds and contracts.

Remember that you don’t need to be peacemakers. They are using your property and you need to take responsibility. I  can always help you here at to help you sort out the financial and business confusion. And I buy houses San Antonio.

Also, if you don’t want to have the added stress of owning the house, or you are presently a landlord and dealing with problem tenants and don’t want the headache anymore, I buy houses San Antonio. Simply give us a call at (210) 588-9999 or click here for more info:

More Details

And add your input and info.  I can make you a fast, fair offer, often within 24 hours and I can close on your timeline.

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