Functional Landscaping |Selling a Home in San Antonio

Functional Landscaping |Selling a Home in San Antonio

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Landscaping and Selling a Home in San Antonio

If you are planning on selling a home in San Antonio or elsewhere at any point in time, and simply conduct an online search for pointers or tips anywhere at all, one piece of advice will pop up over and over again, “enhance your curb appeal”. This can mean different things for different people, sometimes this goal generates a long list of projects, plants to buy, and structures to create. However, for others it may simply be a matter of trimming your trees and mowing your lawn.

If you are the former, a member of that first group of people, that needs to plant trees, shrubs or flowers, and especially if you’ll be remaining in your home for a while, take a moment to appreciate the chance to knock out two birds with one stone. Each element of your landscape can serve multiple purposes if you’d like for it to, and these second lives your plants and fixtures lead can wind up saving you money. We’ll outline a few of those functional landscaping ideas hear.


A well placed tree can create potentially valuable shade. You can place on in the front or back yard to help your family bear the harsh summer sun, or you can place one along the side of your house and save on your cooling expenses during the summer months. Oaks and cedar trees generally grow to be quite large, and each region will usually have some species of these two thrive there, in San Antonio particularly, the live oak and cedar elm trees grow despite the harsh temperatures. If you have a larger lot of land, also consider planting trees to create a natural barrier against the wind.

Shrubs and bushes

Shrubs and bushes are going to vary in size in height depending on what types you get, however all sorts of them can be used to create natural barriers of different sorts. whether they are smaller and simply outlining a walkway, or if you have larger bushes you could use them to create a  barrier. This barrier doesn’t have to be used to maintain privacy, although it definitely can. Lower plants can be used to diffuse car headlights, that may otherwise frequently shine through a window in your home, they may also create a quieter environment by absorbing some of the sound that neighbors or pets might make during the year.

Water conservation

There are a number of little things you can do when designing your landscape that can make a big impact on your use of water. Your arrangement of plants could reduce runoff or even collect it to be used elsewhere in your yard, this is commonly referred to as xeriscaping . Mulch is also a very common, great way to add color to your landscaping design, while reducing the amount of water your plants lose by both absorbing a little into each small chip, and by giving the soil more time to absorb it.

Regardless of your reason for looking into landscaping, it’s usually possible to have your plants and structures do a little more for you. As always if you were looking into landscaping for the sole purpose of adding value for selling a home in San Antonio and you want to sell your house fast,  iCloseHomes Inc. can buy your home regardless of condition. Call us at (210) 588-9999 or click here for……

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