Selling Your House Fast: Holiday Security Tips

Posted by Kayla Burgess // December 3, 2014

When in the process of selling your house fast, and with the holidays quickly approaching, the last thing you want to have to worry about is home invaders. No, not bugs or animals (although these are topics for another blog and these pests are certainly unwanted, especially those pesky scorpions and raccoons here in the […]

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To Be or Not to Be (in Real Estate)

Posted by Kayla Burgess // November 26, 2014

Should you sell your home fast San Antonio TX? Or Work in Real Estate Yourself? Is Real Estate Right for Me? While you should consistently be assessing where you are in life in perspective with your life goals and plans, it is easier consider such a topic during the Thanksgiving holidays when we are pushed […]

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Water Conservation with a Side of Humor

Posted by Kayla Burgess // November 19, 2014

For some readers the topic of water conservation may be intriguing due to environmental beliefs, efforts to save the rainforest, or simply to keep their foliage looking its best in the most frugal ways possible. While one of our main interests at iCloseHomes, Inc. is that we buy houses San  Antonio TX, we also have […]

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Sell Your House Fast San Antonio – Priority: Energy Efficiency

Posted by Jeff Thompson // November 11, 2014

  Energy Saving Commandments to Sell Your House Fast San Antonio – Winter Edition In order to sell your house fast in San Antonio, you need to ensure that your home is the most energy efficient in the city! These are the laws you must abide by, unless you enjoy high energy bills and frost bite… […]

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We Buy Houses San Antonio TX

Posted by Jeff Thompson // November 4, 2014

At iCloseHomes, Inc., we buy houses in San Antonio Texas, we close fast and can close for cash. The San Antonio housing market, like many larger Texas Metro areas has been on an upward trend for over a year now. Homes in the area are being sold at an average price of right around $167,000, […]

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Out of State – Need to Sell House Fast San Antonio?

Posted by Jeff Thompson // October 20, 2014

  Sell House Fast San Antonio When the housing bubble burst in most US markets in 2008 – 2009, many homeowners were left struggling financially. Some lost jobs, others saw their pay cut, and most watched as the value of their home decreased. In an effort to get back above water, there is a set […]

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Realtors/Investors Sell House Fast San Antonio

Posted by Jeff Thompson // October 8, 2014

We are Cash Home Buyers in San Antonio and Realtors are discovering that working with investors can be beneficial to their practice, offering quick closings on problem properties that offer little appeal to retail buyers and fail to meet lending requirements .The past few years have seen continued improvement in most real estate markets around […]

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What Type of Mortgage is Best?

Posted by Jeff Thompson // September 30, 2014

 When looking to purchase a home, homebuyers will have the option of selecting from a variety of mortgage loans.  We will touch on some of the more common here. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each type of loan, and homebuyers must consider their ultimate goals, current market conditions, stage of life and credit […]

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The Truth about Foreclosure

Posted by Jeff Thompson // September 23, 2014

The foreclosure process is costly; for the lender, for the homeowner and stressful for all involved but more so for the owner.  Are you behind on your payments?  On the Brink of Foreclosure? Our first advice is to contact the lender ASAP, find out what they can and cannot do and work from there.   […]

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Tips For Selling Your House Fast (2 of 2 Part Series)

Posted by Jeff Thompson // September 16, 2014

There are a lot of factors that come into play in getting your house on to the market to get a quick sale without sacrificing too much on the price side of the equation.  Everyone would agree that clutter detracts for the desirability of a home, yes?  So a neat home, both inside and is […]

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