Modern Kitchen San Antonio

Modern Kitchen San Antonio

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Modern Kitchen San Antonio

Must Haves For Your Modern Kitchen San Antonio

A central focus of today’s Modern Kitchen San Antonio is social design. Its main focus is on creating a room that is used not only for cooking but also for socializing, a concept known as social kitchen. A Modern Kitchen San Antonio has distinct features that target current times. They will have seating arrangements that would be comfortable enough for long conversations. For these rooms interior designers are using more basic material and ‘Zen’ designs. These designs usually have light-colored cabinets, neutral color schemes and modern amenities.

The Island

In modern designs, one of the most basic ones would be the ‘art of the island’. This usually requires open space on which an island can transform the outlook of the kitchen. It is a central spot where most of the central tasks of the kitchen take place, however, it is also a place for guests to gather around and chat. For the design to seem appealing, it needs vast space, so the construction of an island does not disrupt daily tasks and accommodates opening doors of the fridge and cabinets. In certain designs though open spaces might be essential, providing division between the spaces smartly is what does the trick. These not only serve an important purpose but are visually appealing as well. Using a dining table as a divider is always a nifty idea.


Apart from the design, certain appliances can also feature in modern kitchens. These will include the recently popular steam oven. Just as the name describes, it uses steam to cook food. This appliance is swiftly gaining ground because it makes food moist rather than dry thus, not compromising on flavor. It is considered to be a healthier cooking option, as food is known to retain more minerals when cooked with steam. For many, a double bowl sink may not be the best option in the kitchen, but it has proven its worth for those who hand wash most dishes. This way the job gets done more efficiently.

While cooktops are common, some very non-standard versions are becomming more popular.  An inversion cooptop uses a magnetic field to transfer the heat from pots to pans. These cooktops offer more energy efficient heating solutions and are especially useful in households with children of lesser age. This way, adults and children alike can savor their hot meals!


Another kitchen must have for many is a warming drawer. Most of these range in size and tend to be close to a wall oven. It is an extremely handy item that keeps the dishes and food warm as well. This is useful for when guests arrive late.

One of the basic items used in the modern kitchen is the hot and cold water dispensers. They accommodate the demand of boiling water while at the same time provide cool drinking water, too. Most dispensers come with their own filter system featuring reverse osmosis, and use it to pressure the water through a filter removing probable harmful substances.

For more ideas on the modern kitchen San Antonio check out local home shows. There is one in San Antonio this weekend!   For more information check this link to the  San Antonio Home & Garden Show – Sept 18th – 20th

Hope to see you all there!


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