San Antonio Backyard Fixtures – Solutions For The Summer

San Antonio Backyard Fixtures – Solutions For The Summer

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Every summer, many of us are presented with the same double-edged sword. We have on one side, weather that is often nicer than any other time of year; blue skies, the sun shines all day long, the occasional breeze. But, on the other side we have the harsh, dry, heat of the sun and what seems like no easy way to beat the heat. Whether you’re planning to stay in your current home, or planning to sell your house soon and gain some points putting in some extra work outdoors, this week we’ll bring you some backyard fixtures that will help anyone beat the heat, but still enjoy the outdoors.

The Humble Umbrella

When it comes to basic San Antonio backyard fixtures, the umbrella is the most basic, mobile, patio or deck cover money can buy. The best thing about an outdoor umbrella will probably come down to a tie between its cost and versatility. You can buy an umbrella as a part of an outdoor furniture set, perfect for entertaining a crowd, or a simple freestanding umbrella can be picked up and carried all around the front and back yard for sunbathing in the spot of your choice with just the perfect amount of shade.

Structural Shade

The polar opposite in outdoor shade choices to the umbrella would be a covered patio, these include pergolas, lattices, and similar structures. Covered patios can have a wide variety of designs and budgets ranging from pergolas to simple cloth coverings, and each comes with its own advantages. However, main thing all of these structures will give you is an additional “room” outside, just for enjoying the weather. Unlike the umbrella, you won’t necessarily be able to store it away during the off season or take it with you when you’re finished with it, but it will add loads of value to your home.



Few things are more refreshing in the heat of the summer than a refreshing dip in a cold pool. Leading with what it can do for you financially, an in-ground pool can allow a seller to ask for anywhere from 5 to 10 percent more for their house. On top of that they offer excellent low impact exercise, happen to be great at parties, and change the summer heat from something that we avoid to something we can’t wait to enjoy.

Patio Furniture

None of the things on this list will do you much good if you have to stand for hours just to enjoy them. It should go without saying, but if you’re already looking to get some outdoor shade, a furniture set is a near must. Remember the umbrella? Many outdoor furniture sets will come with one already.

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