Tips for Selling a House Fast San Antonio

Tips for Selling a House Fast San Antonio

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Open Houses – Tips for Selling a House Fast San Antonio

Open houses are the most stressful parts of selling a house. Knowing what to do, how to clean, how to act, and even how to dress can be quite a handful, not to mention the couples that randomly show up unexpectedly! But, do not fret, we are here to help. Here are a few tips on how to win your buyers over, while keeping your sanity.

Open House – The Why

First, you must understand why the open house is your friend. Open houses give you many connections, even if the client does not feel that the house it right for them, they may tell their friends!

Open House – Preparation

Secondly, you must learn what to do when preparing for an open house. It may sound obvious, but you must de-clutter the house. No one wants to have to step over clothes lying on the floor when looking for the right house. Also, you should take all of the personal items out, meaning you should neutralize the house so the buyers feel like they could do anything with the house, not just what you have. Also, remember to move furniture to maximize the space in each room. Another very important step is to take the pets out of the home. You never know who will be allergic or afraid of your sweet dog or cat.

Open House – Documentation

Third, remember to make a form with all of the information about the house to give the clients. This sheet should have the number of rooms, bathrooms, square feet, anything you have fixed or replaced, or anything you might want them to know about the house when they get there. This helps the buyers to have all of the information they would like, even when they go home to think about it.

Open House – Get Found

The next thing to do is to get the word out there. You can advertise with flyers in the coffee shops around you, in neighborhoods, or anywhere you think will target your clients. You can also send emails to those who expressed interest in a home near you, you can post to social media, or post on house advertising sites up to 10 days before you would like the event to take place.  Also, keep a contact list of all visitors so you can follow up and get impressions.

And Finally

The final step is to make them already feel at home. You can do this by placing air fresheners, baking cookies and setting them out for them, by having them sign into your sign in sheets, and letting them take their tour at their own pace.
Open houses can be scary, but they can be your best friend! You can mix it up, choose a theme, or take it the traditional route. It is all up to you and your house.
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